Gala Follow-Up and End of Year

Thank you to everyone for an amazing show last Thursday evening! All your efforts paid off! I will text choir members a video link.

Here’s what the remainder of the year is looking like for choir:

  • Tuesday, May 7 – Chamber Choir CANCELLED
  • Wednesday, May 8 – Concert Choir until 4:00pm
  • Friday, May 10 – Field Trip forms due for Family of Schools Tour (available in the vocal room doorway or by PDF download)
  • Wednesday, May 15 – Family of Schools Trip, periods 2-5. Please return all your music and black folders by the end of this trip if you are not currently taking a vocal class.  After school, I will need a few volunteers to help unload equipment. There will be some pizza available for volunteers!
  • Wednesday, May 22 – More pizza!  On both lunch periods, we will be having our choir party lunch along with voting for executive council positions for next year.

Next Year’s Executive Council

If you are interested, please pick up an application form from me (or PDF download), and have it returned by Monday, May 20.


Auditions are required for those interested in the following ensembles next year:

  • Chamber Choir
  • Chamber Choir – Competitive Core
  • Senior Vocal Ensemble (for next year’s grade 11s and 12s only)

If you were in any of these this year, you do NOT need to re-audition for them. However, you will need to state your intention to be part of them again next year on a form to be given out on May 8 (the form will also be available in the vocal room entrance by the attendance binder, or PDF download). The only reason you would not be re-accepted into one of these ensembles is if you did not adequately fulfill your commitment to them this year.

You will be able to sign-up for auditions soon on the vocal room door.  Auditions will take place during the last week of May and first week of June. Details regarding what to expect in the auditions will be included on the form you will receive on May 8.